-Kimblyn Harris, Our Founder


Artfully Healed creates a catalyst for communities, businesses, and non-profits to ignite thoughtful conversations, unite diversity, and transformative healing.

We recognize the importance of creating spaces of connection across the physical and digital landscapes of communities through theme-centered events, online learning, and group sessions. We believe that by opening up spaces for artistic exploration that illustrate authentic connections, we can design and cultivate change from a more intentional place.

We’ve witnessed the magic of what creating spaces of intention can bring to our communities, and believe that we can help support anyone looking for a creative catalyst to bring out healing and connections within our local community. Artfully Healed is here to create a comfortable, safe container for everyone that desires to participate in our topics and other programs.

The Artfully Healed space we create is an eco-system of change makers who see the potential of expanding perspectives.

We call our business Artfully Healed because it is a space of exploration. An exploration of the intense inner look at how to approach different elements of life, emotions, and motivation from experts, mentors, and wellness professionals. Imagine how curiosity and creativity , intentional communication, and contemplating the power of your voice and actions can create a world you’d like to live in. Work toward that. Ask others for help.

This is your chance to bring new insights out to the local community. Learn. Think. Explore. Create. Provoke. Envision. Share. Empathize. Relate. Reflect. Help. Heal. Forgive. Contemplate. Discover. Elevate. Change. Collaborate. Ignite. This is your opportunity to share and to serve, to reflect and to listen.

our founder

Hello! I’m Kimblyn. I’m a space holder for soul to soul conversations where together, we can authentically relate in rich, fulfilling ways through different mediums of expression. I created Artfully Healed as an open space for attendees and participants to receive professional expertise, art-based therapeutic tools, and inspirational support.

I find that deep joy and fulfillment arises from community gatherings, where we fully show up in service of sharing what we know, appreciating the seeds of growth passed on from our generations, and honoring the light that sparks inside us from the darkness. Inspired by the book “Art of the Gathering” written by Priya Parker, is what I envision for all of us that enter this space. A place where we could be surrounded by positive people that aren’t afraid to ask questions and seek answers.

Our daily lives have become busier and overwhelming that we don’t give ourselves the space to expand and explore. Artfully Healed is a space I hold to help us to navigate through this chaos.