– Dieter F. Uchtdorf

topics coming in 2020

Our topics will start running in 2020. In the meantime, are you an artist or wellness professional? If so, we are currently accepting applications for partners to assist in our topic events. Please click below. 

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Why this topic?

Whether the chosen topic grabs you emotionally right away, or you’re a little confused as to how this can pertain to you at all, jump into this first week where we uncover the “why” behind the chosen topic. Perhaps it’s heavily heard in pop culture, perhaps it’s been on a guest speaker’s mind, or maybe it was submitted by an Artfully Healed community member. We guarantee that this first phase will grab your curiosity and motivate you to dive further into the next few weeks.


What’s the “what” of it?
Now that you know the “why” behind the topic, let’s get to the “what.” During this phase of the series, we’ll be releasing an exclusive video via Artfully Healed that features a field expert within which they share eye-opening perspectives on the cultural, societal, emotional, and personal of a specific topic.


Put it in action. 
Knowing about a topic thoroughly isn’t enough; the third phase involves applying the knowledge and utilizing a creative outlet to further explore. Through an online video on our site, our artfully healed practitioner will help you lean into these practices that will leave you with a deeper, embodied understanding of the topics.


Attend an in-person event!
Let’s engage! Here’s the live chance to dive further. Through phase four, you’ll have an opportunity to personally attend a live event in your community that centers on the topic and continues the learning process from the initial phases. This phase is about community, meeting others and continuing to grow, find accountability, and further determine how you will apply your knowledge to your life.  


Serve it up live.
Time to serve together! A carefully selected local partner for each phase is selected for us to assist, impact and serve. These community partners lack resources to support a creative outlet for who they serve, such as adult disability centers, senior living, shelters and youth programs. This is a local, live event where we will further foster relationships with each other as well as with a local partner. We will put into action and apply the lessons we have learned to further benefit this community partner.


Time to share.
Learning requires reflection—let’s reflect! After an eventful five weeks, you’ll be thoroughly aware of your own place, opinion, and space within the chosen topic and how it applies to your life. Maybe you’ve realized you could be doing something better, or maybe you’ve realized you should be prouder of yourself. Regardless, this is the phase for reflection. Artfully Healed will create a specific opportunity where reflections can be read, heard and discussed in a thought-provoking manner.